Is there any possible way to make one spread sheet that generates configurable products as well as all the simple products, link them and also contain image data? I have found "MAGMI" but it says I should do them in pieces of simple products then configurable products. I am trying to import a configurable tshirt product with simple sizes and colors.


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Here's another answer with some information how to import simple/configurable keeping the associations using Magmi. Looks like it should be possible: https://stackoverflow.com/a/16766075/1117286


In my opinion and as far as I've used both Magmi and the native Magento Import/Export tool (introduced since v 1.5.x), the latter can represent an effective replacement to Magmi.

I suggest you to start from the following resource by Vinai Kopp


Regards, Alessandro


Yes it's possible, but not out of box in Magento. If you consider paid extensions in order to accomplish this task check out this one.

Here is a sample format, check out tab "Configurable".

With this extension, you can import only configurable products, and it will automatically generate and auto-link needed associated simple products variants.

I think this might be a good alternative to the enterprise solution mentioned by Serpyre.

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