Tax settings from the Sales menu have disappeared. It appears this is a conflict with a certain module, when I disable this module from app/etc/modules the tax menu reappears.

No menu items from the module are visible.

However, I have not been able to find out the root cause for the problem. All module XML-files seem to be in order. This module and taxes were working before and no changes to the XML-files have been made.

Also I have a local test env, where the module is working. Code is an exact copy in both locations.

I have checked the Magento roles and permissions, everything OK there.

What could possibly cause this behaviour? Could it be some configuration or other setting. If so, what?


No menu items from the module are visible.

Possibly you disabled module output for this module in "System > Configuration > Advanced" and this module rewrites blocks from Mage_Tax, without overriding getModuleName() (an often overlooked detail). Now these blocks belong to the module and will be hidden according to the configuration.


go to system-> tools and recompile and run compliation ,hope

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