Can I create eCcommerce Website using plainphp or any php MVC framework + soap API + Magento

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Magento itself is a ready to use eCommerce CMS written in PHP & supports SOAP API. So, you just need to install it and start using.

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  • Thanks Rahul but while loading a eCommere Magento website it take a lot of time to load so i thought that we can also use API's just to fetch products and data but will that save my load time ?? – Atul Bhalerao Aug 12 '15 at 12:57
  • If you don't have complex scenarios like special price, group price discounts, etc. then you can go for PHP site with Magento at back-end, but, I will recommend to optimize Magento so that the loading time gets less. – Rahul Kumar Das Aug 13 '15 at 5:49
  • PHP site with Magento at back-end this is what i am asking for :-) it will be great if you have any examples to share – Atul Bhalerao Aug 13 '15 at 17:37
  • Okay, so, what kind of examples you require. Magento provides SOAP API web service structure here: magentocommerce.com/api/soap/catalog/catalog.html You need to call each web services at desired pages maintaining the flow of eCommerce – Rahul Kumar Das Aug 14 '15 at 5:35
  • Thanks Rahul are there any readymade examples ?? – Atul Bhalerao Aug 14 '15 at 10:14

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