We're trying to implement Sphinx into Magento CE via sphinxsearch (https://github.com/fheyer/sphinxsearch)

According to the README, it seems like the module has only to be installed and enabled for it to work using Sphinx search; however, the page /catalogsearch/result/?q=keyword always returns 'Your search returns no results'.

We've been noting the following:

  1. Sphinx is correctly working in the terminal and is outputting results
  2. If a print_r($results) is added within the prepareResult() function, we can see the results count from Sphinx, which matches the terminal output

It seems like results do not get returned in the Magento view that generates the results page - but it does appear that Sphinx is finding results.

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This is a known bug, I've experienced this myself.

Full search terms / key words would return 'Your search returns no results'

If you perform a search with only 1 character you will receive results. The problem is related to code in Data.php

If you looked in sphinx_catalogsearch_fulltext table in the database, you would find that only the first character for each field.

Upgrading to the latest version will resolve the problem.

If there is a reason for keeping the current version, you can modify the Data.php file as follows:


89 // The first time we see this add the name to start.
90 $name_attributes[] = $name.' '.$item_value;


// The first time we see this add the name to start.
 $name_attributes[$key] = $name.' '.$item_value;

63 $name = $index['name'][0]; // Use the configurable product's name


$name = $index['name'][(int) $entity_id]; // Use the configurable product's name

CREDIT: korhov@github

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