Im trying to set up a rule for my magento products but having some issues, the rules I want o apply are:

If the products are in the category id 3 apply the discount, If I have 2 items in category 3 and 1 item from a different category apply the discount only to the items in category 3,

If 2 items are the same from category 3 apply the discount. If 2 items are different but still from the same category apply the discount. If other items not matching these parameter only apply the discount to the items in the category.

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In Shopping Cart Price rules you can add a rule that matches a category, you can also then attempt to add a further condition for quantity but these rules are relatively simple.

I think what you are trying to achieve is too complex for shopping cart price rules and would be better achieved via logic in a module that examines cart content performs the logic on the items present that you want and then adds the discount.

I would look at what modules and code examples are currently available to allow you to implement custom discounts etc, and depending on your level of Magento / PHP development knowledge customise this to achieve what you want.

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