I would like to update all my simple products in database by direct sql to set "manage stock" to 1 but don't know how to start.

  • Any specific reason behind using direct sql, you can easily achieve that by import of CSV file having 2 columns only! – Prateek Aug 5 '15 at 19:21
  • Products where imported using third party service which left a lot of them without sku which seems to deny mass update – Stefan Gregori Aug 5 '15 at 19:21

Magento basically mapped products and its inventory to cataloginventory_stock_item .

As you want to update and then you need update the columns at manage_stock, `use_config_manage_stock,is_in_stock.

You can get simple product list from catalog_product_entity

SELECT entity_id FROM catalog_product_entity where type_id='simple'.

Now You can fill your requirement by

UPDATE cataloginventory_stock_item SET is_in_stock=1 , 
use_config_manage_stock =1,is_in_stock=1 where 
product_id in 
(SELECT entity_id FROM catalog_product_entity where type_id='simple')

If you are having products without SKUs then I suggest adding SKUs to the products first, or you are going to have a lot more critcal problems than just "Manage Stock" field. It's a complete recipe for an unstable system you got.

Coming back to question, it's a smallint field called "manage_stock" in cataloginventory_stock_item table in your DB if you don't have table prefix, otherwise 'PREFIX'_cataloginventory_stock_item. You might also want to set "use_config_manage_stock" while in there, so that you can control that for all products from a single location. Don't forget to re-index after this.

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