I am trying to setup Magento on my recently purchase MAMP Pro, hoping to setup a testing environment, similar to production site.

  1. I added my server name as div.example.com
  2. use port 80, 443,3306 www/mysql
  3. use self-signed SSL, and put in my project root folder
  4. I tested with a simple index.php with hello world call, everything looks ok
  5. I copy the magento file, I got a 403 error

I am pretty sure, it have to do with the .htacess file magento come with anyone have any experience with it? please help.

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There is a few things you can do. In your .htaccess make sure RewiteBase is uncommented. Also when you unzipped the magento install you might need to adjust the file permissions. e.g

find ./ -type f | xargs chmod 644
find ./ -type d | xargs chmod 755
chmod -Rf 777 var
chmod -Rf 777 media

Hope this helps! :)

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