The top links for Magento include the following

My Account My Wishlist Checkout and Login

When Checkout is clicked, it takes you to Checkout page.

I would like it when Checkout is clicked, it takes you to My Cart or the Shopping Cart page.

How can this be done?

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Magento top link is coming from class Mage_Checkout_Block_Links on function


  • You need rewrite this class

<global> ... <blocks> <checkout> <rewrite> <links>Amit_CustomCheckout_Block_Checkout_Link</links> </rewrite> </checkout> </blocks> ... </global>

  • and need to modify code of addCheckoutLink();

public function addCheckoutLink() { if (!$this->helper('checkout')->canOnepageCheckout()) { return $this; }

    $parentBlock = $this->getParentBlock();
    if ($parentBlock && Mage::helper('core')->isModuleOutputEnabled('Mage_Checkout')) {
        $text = $this->__('Checkout');

  $url='CustomUrl'; // with format routeridenfier/controller/Action
            $text, $url, $text,
            true, array('_secure' => true), 60, null,
    return $this;
  • for someone well versed in magento and its workings, this may seem easy, however i need to know what files to edit to achieve this. I really appreciate your answering the question. a really detailed step by step would be great! Sorry , i am learning every day! Aug 12, 2015 at 4:35

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