Is there a way to show quantity change history by product in admin interface?

This is a very useful feature and is available in WMS solutions. We used in Solid Commerce for example, was very helpful. I searched extensions but couldn't find something similar.

Any idea of something or custom code?

enter image description here

1.8.1 Tnx


There is a free extension by Johann Reinke, which does exactly that. You can find it on GitHub. A full explanation can be found on bubblecode.net. The screenshot shows what it does:

Jreinke Stock Movements

I did not use it yet, but it looks quite promising.

  • Great plugin! Very useful for diagnosing product inventory bugs. Thanks for posting. – Thomas Harding Jan 2 '18 at 15:56

Magento does not keep track of inventory adjustments. So, it will be a custom implementation.

On the Enterprise version, there is an admin log, but this will be understandably limited to admin changes.

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