Getting product and order data through the appropriate api calls work well, but a problem arises when a product attribute uses dropdown or similar lists, where the value I get through the api is the ID of the selected value, not the label/value.

At least by default, Magento offers no resource called 'Attribute' that could deliver those values.

Is there a way to retrieve either the corresponding value to a given ID or the matrix (ID : value) of such an attribute?

I would need this kind of data from multiple shops, ranging from ce- to ce-


Have you tried this?

$option_id = Mage::getResourceModel('catalog/product')
    ->getAttributeRawValue($prod_id, $attribute_code, $store_id); 
  • the question was not about getting the value in magento, as I would prefer to keep the changes in the shops to a minimum, but rather a way to get the values/labels from the external allpication via rest api. Simply getting an internal magento id without much context as value for an attribute makes it rather useless for outside applications. – Andre.Schumacher Jul 27 '15 at 12:52

A simple code to get value from attribute code

$attribute_code = "color";    
$attributeValue = $_product->getAttributeText($attribute_code);

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