How can I make a fieldset to be half of the width? I want to show two fieldsets in a row in a particular page that I created in Magento's admin.

My code looks like this for now:

$fieldset_brand = $form->addFieldset('brand_fieldset', array(
                'legend' => $this->__('Brand categories'),
                'class' => 'fieldset-wide',

Any ideeas? Or at least, from what I see, this is not quite a fieldset. It generates two div for title bar and the actual content. Is there a way to set a wrapper around those?

Any help is welcomed :)

  • you can assign the desired width for the fieldset like 'width' => 150px, – Piyush Jul 23 '15 at 17:09
  • It does not work unfortunetly – Dan Ovidiu Boncut Jul 23 '15 at 17:29

Add 'fieldset_container_id' to array lake this (there is no fieldset_container_class):

$fieldset_brand = $form->addFieldset('brand_fieldset', array(
                'legend' => $this->__('Brand categories'),                
                'fieldset_container_id' => 'fieldset_brand_container',

then in css use:

#fieldset_brand_container{float: left; width: 49%;}
#fieldset_another_container{float: right; width: 49%;}
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