A module created a translation file in app/locale/en_US/preorder.csv.

I copied this file to app/locale/de_DE/preorder.csv but when I use $this->__("xxx") in the said module and have "xxx","yyy" in the preorder.csv file in de_DE it does not get translated. When I put "xxx","yyy" in Mage_Customer.csv in the same de_DE directory it gets translated.

So my question is, do I have to register new csv translation files somewhere? I thought all csv files in this directory will be taken.

Edit: When I rename the file like the modules: Webkul_Preorder.csv name then it works. SO magento does not take all CSV files in app/locale?


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No, not all files are read. The file must be registered in a module's config.xml and translations are then tied to this module's helper (except if developer mode is turned off and the translation string is globally unique), so you cannot override a translation of Mage_Customer in another module.

If that is what you want, you can override it in your theme in app/design/[package]/[theme]/locale/de_DE/translate.csv like this:


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