On remote webserver, i am deploying Magento core and modules through modman and Jenkins. During the deployment, a static maintenance page is shown which i enable and disable by the file maintenance.flag.

However, since i am also deploying the Magento core (and these files are removed on start of deployment), there is a (short) time frame when the Magento core files do not exist on the remote server. Consequently the file maintenance.flag does not work and the Magento maintenance page does not appear, but a PHP error page instead. For example:

magento/app/Mage.php was not found

I want to avoid this behaviour.

What would you suggest in order to preserve a static maintenance page during the whole deployment process? Is it better to temporarily modify the .htaccess file to rewrite to a separate maintenance page, for example maintenance.html, that is not conntected with Magento core?

Thanks for your suggestions!


If you're deploying or modifying core you shouldn't rely on core. Ofcourse htaccess if a great solution. Other things i tend to do is create a static index.html page. By default the webserver serves index.html. change the name to --index.html or something when your done. Second i should do something with htaccess. like reroute it to my custom maintenance.html or something. It's basically the same idea.

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