I'm selling rolls that come in two widths. The user can choose which width is required however the user can also type in the length in metres. Then a price is calculated.

For instance if the price is £5 square metre, and the user chooses the 4m option and types in a length of 4.5m then the total cost should be 5 x 4 x 4.5

Is there an existing extension, is this simple to program?


I have used both of the extensions mentioned by @Marius, and I can say that they might meet your needs. In my case, they were not robust enough for us to use.

I ended up having to write my own solution, here's the basic flow:

  • Created a custom product type
  • Custom product type uses it's own template for the product_type_data block where I can include my own form fields for the user to enter dimensions.
  • Custom product type main model class has a setPrice method where I can use my own calculations to determine the price
  • I have an observer on the sales_quote_add_item event where I can take the request and pass it along to the setPrice method.
  • The custom product type's type model uses _prepareProduct to add the user's choices as custom options added to the additional_options option.

This should be enough to get you started. Depending on your requirements, there might be additional things to code so that, for example, a user is able to edit their choices when clicking the "edit" button in the cart.

  • Hi Pspahn - Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately i'm a complete newbie in Magenta, could you some assistance on the code ? – Orange Juice Jones Jul 27 '15 at 14:45

I haven't used or tested this, but you can give it a try, or at least investigate further: http://www.fmeextensions.com/magento-length-area-volume-pricing-calculator.html. It claims it does what you need (price per surface) and more: price per volume, support for different unis of measure.... This one also claims the same: http://www.micosolutions.com/advanced-variation-pricing.
I haven't used any of these and I'm in no way associated with the developers. I just found these on a quick search.

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