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We moved the website from one domain to another domain.

but after moving, admin panel is not opening properly.

We changed the domain's secure and unsecure url's in core_ config_data.

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Try changing your base link location in System > configuration > Web from




note the / at the end

Clear your cache and see again


You should check the network tab (or simply have a look at the markup) from where the CSS files are (not) loaded.

One possible explanation is you accessing the login page via HTTPS while CSS files are served via HTTP.

  • how to change the access from https to http? – Baby in Magento Jul 17 '15 at 12:26
  • 2
    Did you just ask me how to type a URL into the browser's address bar? – mam08ixo Jul 17 '15 at 12:32

This can be resolved using the Database Table core_ config_data.

Please update the following 3 Column : core_ config_data.

Find these urls and update

  1. (24, 'default', 0, 'web/unsecure/base_skin_url', 'yourdomainURL/skin/'),
  2. (25, 'default', 0, 'web/unsecure/base_media_url', 'yourdomainURL/media/'),
  3. (26, 'default', 0, 'web/unsecure/base_js_url', 'yourdomainURL/js/').

Once you updated the correct url's, the website will work all fine.

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