I would like to ask you some help.. I'm working on installing the security patches on Magento I think I'm doing correctly. I uploaded the patches for the version, on the Magento root as you can see in the SSH results >>

login as: ssh.mydomain.com.ar
[email protected]'s password:
ssh.mydomain.com.ar@ssh:/$ cd www/mydomain.com.ar/htdocs/tiendavirtual
ssh.mydomain.com.ar@ssh:/www/mydomain.com.ar/htdocs/tiendavirtual$ ls
FileuploaderInstallationManual.docx includes
LICENSE.html index.php
LICENSE.txt index.php.sample
LICENSE_AFL.txt install-em0006.php
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh install.lib.php
PATCH_SUPEE-5346.sh install.php
PATCH_SUPEE-5994.sh js
app mage
applypatch.php media
core php.ini.sample
cron.php pkginfo
cron.sh robots.txt
downloader shell
errors sitemap.xml
favicon.ico skin
get.php sp-magento-patch.php
google51d0b8abd14122e0.html var
<ww/mydomain.com.ar/htdocs/tiendavirtual$ sh PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 25: wc: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 25: ((: > 0 : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "> 0 ")
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 32: which: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 33: which: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 34: which: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 35: which: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 36: which: command not found
PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: line 38: PATCH_SUPEE-1533.sh: command not found
ERROR: "/app/etc/" must exist for proper tool work.

The strange thing is the "/app/etc/" folder exist. Do you know what can I do to install them correctly?


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The actual error starts at wc: command not found

The patch script needs a few system commands that it cannot find. Maybe the problem is your default shell, try to run it with bash instead of sh.

If that doesn't help, install missing packages or run the script on another system

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