I have seven categories under Default Category, and a number of sub-categories under the main seven.

I am getting a 404 error; when I go to a couple of the sub-categories under two of the main categories! All other category URLs under the categories and sub-categories work fine.


  1. cat-1
    • cat-1/sub-1-1 (noerror)
    • cat-1/sub-1-2 (404)
    • cat-1/sub-1-3 (noerror)
    • cat-1/sub-1-4 (noerror)
  2. cat-2
    • cat-2/sub-2-1 (404)
    • cat-2/sub-2-2 (404)
    • cat-2/sub-2-3 (noerror)
    • cat-2/sub-2-4 (noerror)
    • cat-2/sub-2-5 (noerror)
    • cat-2/sub-2-6 (noerror)

When hovering over the category URLs the links look as follow:



The 404 error link looks like:


Note: And also from admin I have Flushed Cache Storage, Flushed Magento Cache, Re-freshed all cache types.

And via SSH I have re-indexed all as follow:
magento/shell php indexer.php --reindexall This didn't do it either.

What could be causing this?

  • try to rebuild your indexes – Marius Jul 15 '15 at 15:22
  • @Marius I have done that, with no results. I am doing it again. Will keep you posted. The only thing I haven't done, is to physically delete all cache and session files from var/! Thanks. – user2774042 Jul 15 '15 at 15:36
  • I finished re-indexing all, and I am still getting the 404 errors. Product Attributes index was rebuilt successfully in 00:01:02 Product Prices index was rebuilt successfully in 00:00:59 Catalog URL Rewrites index was rebuilt successfully in 00:23:28 Category Products index was rebuilt successfully in 00:00:10 Catalog Search Index index was rebuilt successfully in 00:01:07 Stock Status index was rebuilt successfully in 00:00:00 Tag Aggregation Data index was rebuilt successfully in 00:00:00 – user2774042 Jul 15 '15 at 16:03
  • @Marius I did another test. Under Admin>Catalog>Manage Categories, I moved sub-category sub-1-2 from category cat-1 to Default Category (one level up), then by clicking on sub-1-2 (no longer a sub) all products are displayed, without any errors! But when I move back sub-1-2 to cat-1 it displays the error again. – user2774042 Jul 15 '15 at 19:16

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