I want to include my custom bolck inside header block, only on <catalog_category_layered>.

So I have this code in local.xml:

    <reference name="header">
        <block type="core/template" name="header.catnav" as="header.catnav" template="catalog/catnav.phtml" />

And my block is not included. When I change my reference to <reference name="head"> or <reference name="left"> it gets included in these areas.

It doesn't get included in name="content" and name="footer" too.

What do you think am I doing wrong? How do I make my block appear in the header?

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Have you added $this->getChildHtml('header.catnav') to header's template?

Header block does not extend Mage_Core_Block_Text_List block so its children are not displayed automatically. You need to call them in the template.

  • I forgot about it. That was exactly the problem. Dziekuje!
    – Alan
    Jul 15, 2015 at 12:14

This doesn't work because the header block is different from the others.
the left block is a core/text_list type block. This means it displays all the child blocks, no questions asked.
The head block template contains echo $this->getChildHtml() that does the same thing...displays all the child blocks.

The header block has a separate template that does not call getChildHtml() without any parameters.
It just displays child blocks like this:

echo $this->getChildBlock('block_alias_here')

you need to add a similar line in header.phtml for your block echo $this->getChildHtml('header.catnav')

  • This is a very comprehensive answer. Krzysztof was first so I'll accept his but thank you for taking time to write this!
    – Alan
    Jul 15, 2015 at 12:17

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