I am using Magento and I am trying to use the magento coupon code feature. However, it's not working when I add any condition on subtotal.

My condition is if the subtotal is greater than or equal to some amount (say $200) then customer will get 20% discount. I have found that there was a Magento bug. But they have said that they fixed the bug.

However, when it wasn't working then I have used a hack which I have found in the comments of the bug and that extension is working in fresh 1.9.2 in my local environment. However, in the server version of it is not working.

I am debugging the code and found that the discount logic wasn't passing the line

        if (!$rule->getActions()->validate($item)) {

I have also found that though I have saved the coupon Action to

Percent of the product price discount

but when I dump the var_dump($rule->getSimpleAction()); then I found the value is "cart_fixed" whereas it should be "by_percent". It means whenever I save the coupon in the admin panel it's not being saved into "by_percent" mode. Instead it's being saved into "cart_fixed" mode which refer to "Fixed amount discount for whole cart".

Could anyone tell me what should I do or what might be the reason behind this?

  • did you get this behaviour on a vanilla magento? – roman204 Jan 15 '16 at 16:25

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