I am having this weird issue where if I go to any page,

e.g. if I go to a category page, http://wonderna.com/all-products/daily-health/sub-health.html

Contact us page or any other non-category page will have this broken URL http://wonderna.com/all-products/daily-health/contacts

As you can see "all-products/daily-health" being append to the contacts.

Similarly if I go to customer account page


Then contacts page will be rewrite to http://wonderna.com/customer/account/contacts

There is "customer/account" being append to the contacts page.

Anyone has ever experienced this issue? I am using bitnami's out of box installation (LAMP) + mango theme from themeforest.


Look at the HTML source:

<li class="menu-item " style="list-style: none;"><a class="level2" href="contacts"><span>联系我们</span></a></li>
<li class="menu-item " style="list-style: none;"><a class="level2" href="shipping"><span>邮寄配送</span></a></li>
<li class="menu-item " style="list-style: none;"><a class="level2" href="refund"><span>产品退换</span></a></li>

The problem is href="contacts". This probably comes from a static block, then it should be edited as:

href="{{base url='contacts'}}"

Or if it is in a PHTML template file:

href="<?php echo Mage::getBaseUrl() ?>contacts"

To be honest, if this is really an out of the box installation with this theme, this speaks for very low quality of the theme.

  • href="{{store url='contacts'}}" works for me. – Tom Jul 14 '15 at 18:34

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