I am facing below issue in default Magento setup.
I have set Need to Confirm under System->Configuration->Newsletter->Subscription Option option to Yes.

Now when I am trying to subscribe newsletter via newsletter subscription box in footer, Magento is sending newsletter subscription confirmation email.

But when I am trying to subscribe newsletter subscription at the create account page while creating account, magento system is not sending any newsletter subscription confirmation email and directly setting the status as subscribed.

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    yes, its a default functionality. You have to set the email conformation for account creation too. Commented Jul 14, 2015 at 10:32
  • Thanks @MeenakshiSundaramR , I never realizes that it is default functionality. Commented Jul 14, 2015 at 10:38

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This is a default functionality of Magento.

You can check here Mage_Customer_AccountController::_getCustomer()

You can enable the email conformation for creation creation.

Or else have to override the customerAccount controller to send an email conformation for the newsletter.


This is the default behaviour of Magento. Because when you made confirmation of newsletter ON, then Magento will send confirmation E-mail to the given E-mail address in order to confirm whether the given email-address is valid or not.

But for a authenticated user, CONFIRMATION is not necessary. Because he is valid user itself. Hence it is logical that, there is no need for confirmation of email address for a valid user. Hence Magento will send a success mail to authenticated user.

If you want to change this flow, then you should make a module and change the logic flow. Please have a look on this extension. It is a good place to start with.

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