I've been studying the source code of Magento recently, and I came across this snippet in Varien_Object, which is puzzling me:

 * Convert object attributes to array
 * @param  array $arrAttributes array of required attributes
 * @return array
public function __toArray(array $arrAttributes = array())
    if (empty($arrAttributes)) {
        return $this->_data;

    $arrRes = array();
    foreach ($arrAttributes as $attribute) {
        if (isset($this->_data[$attribute])) {
            $arrRes[$attribute] = $this->_data[$attribute];
        else {
            $arrRes[$attribute] = null;
    return $arrRes;

 * Public wrapper for __toArray
 * @param array $arrAttributes
 * @return array
public function toArray(array $arrAttributes = array())
    return $this->__toArray($arrAttributes);

My understanding is that if I wanted an array of the data within a Varien_Object, I would call the toArray() method. But the impression I get from this code is that __toArray() should be private. Yet it is public.

Can anybody tell me if this is an oversight, or if __toArray is used somewhere else in the Magento codebase?

I thought that perhaps it is a legacy thing, but if that were true, wouldn't there be a note saying so?


This inconsistency gets stranger still. Varien_Object has many methods to export the data:

  • toArray()
  • toXml()
  • toJson()
  • toString()

Of these four, only toArray() has a corresponding public __toArray() method. toXml() and toJson() have protected ones, and toString() has none, except a commented out one, which was public.

On a separate note, Magento seems to use a public wrapper function quite a lot. toHtml() and _toHtml() spring to mind. Why is this? What advantage does using such a function provide when creating a subclass?


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It is used two times:

$newOption = $this->__toArray();

return $this->__toArray();

So it looks like whether they use it more ore less "protected".

Nevertheless, I think the intention behind the naminig __toArray is, that they want be similar to __toString() ignoring the circumstance, that it has no meaning within PHP. And __toString is public!

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    Thanks. This comment motivated me to look at the rest of the exporter methods in Varien_Object. See my update for what I found. They aren't consistent with each other at all. Presumably, as a client I'm supposed to ignore the __ methods and just used the unprefixed ones, but it still leaves me wondering about it all. Sep 1, 2013 at 15:47
  • Wow. Ok. This is inconsistency. No idea :) Sep 1, 2013 at 15:54
  • I guess if this is the only weird part in a six year old project the size of Magento, then that's remarkable. It does seem to be pretty clean considering both its age and size. Sep 1, 2013 at 16:24

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