Magento transactional emails do not work, I am not sure If I set them up correctly. I added and customized transnational emails. I read somewhere, my contact information should be @websitename.com in order to work. Please advice what fields should I edit, what information am I missing. Why it does not work. Thanks


Which version of Magento did you used ? If it's 1.9.1 - it's using queue & cronjob to send email. You need to setup cronjob correctly.

  • Its Magento ver. . Not sure if I fixed it, I created email in Hostgator with @mywebsitename.com and added to configurations, can you tell me about Cronjob, where should I configure it? And what it does? I sent email to myself and it went to spam folder, I marked it as normal. and went in inbox, not sure if all my customers receive it in spam. how can I make sure it does not go in spam.
    – user12792
    Jul 10 '15 at 5:12

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