This is more of an SQL question. I have very little knowledge in MySQL

In the review_store table, there are two columns: review_id and store_id

If I had to replace 1 with 2 I would do this:

UPDATE review_store 
SET store_id = '2' 
WHERE store_id = '1'

What would be the SQL query if I wanted to copy/duplicate all values of 1 in store_id to a new row with a value of 2

Thanks a lot!


I figured it was more of an SQL question than a Magento so I asked on the regular Stackoverflow as well, here's the answer

INSERT INTO review_store
SELECT review_id, '2' as Store_id
FROM review_store
WHERE Store_id = '1'

I also had to apply the same logic to the review_entity_summary table, which has 6 columns: primary_id, entity_pk_value, entity_type, reviews_count, rating_summary and store_id. The first columns is PRIMARY so I had to skip it so it'll automatically create a new value. SQL query:

INSERT INTO `review_entity_summary`(`entity_pk_value`,`entity_type`,`reviews_count`,`rating_summary`,`store_id`)
SELECT `entity_pk_value`,`entity_type`,`reviews_count`,`rating_summary`,'2'
FROM `review_entity_summary`
WHERE `store_id` = '1'

Then in order to have the STARS displayed I had to go to catalog > reviews and ratings > manage ratings, click on the rating and add the new store.

I hope this can help others with the same goal.


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Try this also,

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmptable SELECT * FROM review_store WHERE store_id = 1;

UPDATE tmptable SET store_id = 2 WHERE store_id = 1;

INSERT INTO review_store SELECT * FROM tmptable WHERE store_id = 2
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  • Will this work given primary key values? – benmarks Jul 7 '15 at 18:33

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