I have configurable products that have simple products and they are configurable by two attributes - posters with size and frame. I am adding new products that represent new frames and sizes which are created ok, but I want them to attach to a certain configurable product.

I have a configurable product - poster with this simple products

Wood frame - 30x30cm
Aluminum frame - 50x50cm
Aluminum frame - 70x50cm

I generate

Wood 50 x 50cm
Aluminum 100x100cm

How can I do that?

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Thanks to @marius. I got a answer from this link.

You can assign simple product to configurable by following code

Mage::getResourceSingleton('catalog/product_type_configurable') ->saveProducts($mainConfigrableProduct, $simpleProductIds);

Here $mainConfigrableProduct is configurable product object and $simpleProductIds is array of simple product id

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