How to import related products in normal import process? How can I achieve this? Is there any method available for import related products?


First, yes this can be done with Magento's Import / Export without the use of any extension.

Second, I would recommend taking one product, adding some related products to it in the Magento Admin, saving the product then exporting to CSV (System -> Import/Export -> Export).

You will notice two columns; _links_related_sku and _links_related_position

You will need to fill in those columns with the appropriate SKU. Please remember that each related product will need to be entered in a separate row (see screenshot).

This can be also done for crosssells and upsells.


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    The first sentence is wrong. It can not be done with Dataflow. It can be done with only import – Magento Learner Sep 13 '16 at 7:50
  • @kab8609 Thanks it works but issue it is creating is if i have 2 products in csv for example sku A and another sku B. Now for SKU A I already have related product assign so in that column in csv I will not put any value for related but for upsell I will. And for SKU B I add both values. So what it does is it removes related product from SKU A, as it dont have any value assigned in csv. I tried this from both Import/Export and Data flow profile. Do you have any idea how to only update with currnt product assigned? Not replace it? – Rushvi Jan 30 '17 at 7:34

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