I'm using the contacts module to output different contactforms in different stores in a multishop environment.

I insert my contact form like this:

{{block type="core/template" name="contactForm" template="contacts/form.phtml" form_action="/mycontacts/index/post"}}

I created some transactional email templates, one per store.

In backend I choose different email-templates, one per store.

This all works. And I receive E-Mails.

But here is my problem:

The email I receive has proper subject: the subject I entered in System->transactional emails-> template XY

But the mail body seems to be some other

This is my system email template:

Name:       {{var data.vorname}} {{var data.name}}
Firma:      {{var data.company}

Straße:     {{var data.street}}
Ort:       {{var data.city}}
Land:     {{var data.land}}

E-Mail:     {{var data.email}}
Telefon:    {{var data.telephone}}
Kommentar:  {{var data.comment}}

This is what I receive:

Name:        MyName
Ort:       MyCity

E-Mail:     MyEmail 
Telefon:    MyTelephone
Kommentar:  MyComment

How can this be?


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After some debugging I found my mistake:

There was an erroneous data-Tag:

Firma:      {{var data.company}

But it has to be:

Firma:      {{var data.company}}

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