I'm adding a couple of filters with addAttributeToFilter. I have the fields "year", "year_from", "year_to". I either want to match the year exactly to the "year" attribute or make a "between" by using "year_from" and "year_to". I know how to use addAttributeToFilter to make "OR" conditions. However I don't know how to make an "OR" filter with a grouped "AND", something like year = 1999 OR (year_from <= 1999 AND year_to >= 1999).

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You can do it as -

$filter_a = array('eq'=>'1999');
$filter_b = array('from'=>'1999','to'=>'1999');

addFieldToFilter('year',array( $filter_a, $filter_b));
  • The from/to filter is not applied to the same attribute but to different ones - year_from, year_to. This is because the vendors provide different information for different products - sometimes a specific year, sometimes a year range with a from and to. But it's good to know that I can combine multiple arrays of filters like this. I will try experimenting with that.
    – zbrox
    Commented Aug 29, 2013 at 9:51

This code is not relevant to the source snippet you have provided. But for the sake of using OR condition to filter collections you can use this.

// Get all event statuses.
            $allowedStatus = array(
                                    array("finset" => array('Running')),
                                    array("finset" => array('Expired')),
                                    array("finset" => array('Not Active')),
                                    array("finset" => array('Test')),

            // Filter by event status.
            $collection->addAttributeToFilter("event_status", $allowedStatus); // This will filter objects which contains any one of the above statuses.

You can filter your result with the following set of example code

$collection =Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load();
                            array('attribute'=>'attribute1', 'finset'=>value1),
                            array('attribute'=>'attribute2', 'finset'=>value2),
                            array('attribute'=>'attribute3', 'finset'=>value3)

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