I have imported 3,000+ products into Magento successfully.

The products are all present and correct in the back end.

But none of the products appear in the front end.

All the products are:

  • Visible in Catalog.
  • Enabled.
  • Have a stock quantity of 10.
  • In Stock.
  • Assigned various Categories.
  • Assigned to the correct website.

I have refreshed my Cache and Indices, just to make sure. But the products do not appear on the front end at all.

Here are the columns used in my CSV file:

status, type, attribute_set, tax_class_id, visibility, qty, is_in_stock, product_id, name, short_description, description, rrp, weight, mpn, gtin, sku, price, color_text, size, stock_weight, category_ids, brand, small_image

But there is a solution!

If I view a product in Magento's back end, and simply hit Save, it appears on the front end.

Does anyone have a better solution for me, than opening up all 3000+ products and hitting save on each one of them?


The quick way to solve this, is to write a script that will re-save all your items.


// require magento core
require_once 'app/Mage.php';

// execute on admin store

$products = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection();
foreach($products as $product) {
    echo $product->getSku() . '<br/>';

Please keep in mind that the next time you import items you may run into this issue again.

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