When an item comes back in stock, I expect people who are listed to receive notifications to be sent an email when the product comes back in stock, but they are not.

All other emails are being sent fine.

/cron.php is being called once every 15 minutes via crontab using curl. I have also visited it manually in my browser.

The settings in System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Product Alerts Run Settings seem good, set to Daily at 15:00:00, with myself as an error contact. I don't get an error email. I've tried numerous time values for this, including +1/-1 hour from current time in case of system time discrepancies.

My cron_schedule database table is also empty.

Anything else I'm missing?


If your cron_schedule table is empty, stock alerts (along with other features) won't work correctly.

Can you share your cron configuration settings? Try changing Generate Schedules Every to 1 and then manually run cron.sh to see if the table gets populated.

Have you checked your error logs in case there's an issue with the cron.php script? Try adding this to the beginning of the file:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

And run manually to see if any errors are displayed.

Also note that you should be using cron.sh in the crontab, not cron.php. Every 15 minutes doesn't seem frequent enough either. I always configure it to run every minute.

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