I want to create an interactive Product selection survey or quiz selector in my Magento store. The quiz selector will ask a number of questions with multiple answers, leading to a certain product depending how the customer answers each question.

You can see an example here of what I want to create: http://www.nationwideplatforms.co.uk/platform-selector (having a product selector that leads to advising the right forklift vehicle based on a number of questions)

Would anybody be able to point me in the way of a plugin they think would achieve this or where to start, as I can't find much online at all.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I cannot answer this in much detail as it is too broad. Here are a few general tips and pointers:

  • Create a custom attribute set for your products with all attributes you want to have questions about.
  • Identify the products that should be included in the product selector by: 1) category, 2) the created attribute set name, OR 3) a custom attribute product_selector which is yes or no whether or not to include it in the product selector
  • Build the product selector using Javascript. Showing the first question and when going to the next, hide the current question and show the next one.
  • At the end, get the right product selection by posting all the answers via Ajax, build a product collection with all the answers as conditions and return a product list.

This extension will be helpful for you. https://marketplace.magento.com/encoresky-yearmakemodel.html


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