I currently have magento sending Emails to the customer upon making an order, but i am not getting bcc'd or a separate email notifying me at all.

I do have all of the emails I wish to receive the email listed in Config > System > Sales Emails >

I have also read about magento forcing you to use a cron job to send the emails, but that seems to be only relevant in magento 1.9 and beyond.

All other resources I have googled in regards to this issue have discussed modifying code that is not even existent in my magento installation.

Please help

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Are you using the email address (domain part) in the BCC field same as your magento hosting url?

If you do I would suggest to test with some other email (diff domain) to see if email gets through .. if it gets then no native magento issue but hostings part I guess ,, I had recently client with similar issue,,

hth, k


i changed the email in "New Order Confirmation Email Sender" from "Sales Representative" to "General Contact" and now it works without a hitch

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