I need to add a button in my custom module admin form , which calls an action 'upload'

How can I achieve it ?

  • Can you give more details on what you are trying to achieve?
    – Marius
    Commented Aug 28, 2013 at 11:26
  • I have made a custom module which needs Multiple images to be uploaded for each item , I want to add Upload Images button on my form , so that I can save images before form submit Commented Aug 28, 2013 at 12:04

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When defining a form element you have the option of specifying after_element_html. what you put there will be shown after the element itself. Here is an example:

$fieldset->addField('some_field', 'text', array(
    'label' => Mage::helper('core')->__('Some label'),
    'name'  => 'some_name',
    'after_element_html' => '<button type="button" onclick="alert(\'Stop clicking me!!\')">Do not click</button>' 

I think you can start from here. you can use the onclick on the button to do an ajax call (or something like that) and upload your image.

  • very cool! never knew this Commented May 3, 2017 at 17:54
  • if you do not want to display text field, then you can use type 'note' instead of 'text' Commented Dec 14, 2018 at 13:50

For system=>configuration:

In your system.xml you can add Form-Elements. There are 3 relevant nodes:

  • frontend_type - corresponding to /lib/Varien/Data/Form/Element
  • source_model
  • backend_model

I know that you can build your own source- and so I believe backend_model. It is relative easy to do it. Just add the classpath to your nodevalue like "adminhtml/system_config_source_yesno".

If you have a look to /lib/Varien/Data/Form/Element, you can see File.php which you can use to build the Upload-Frontendtype.

For other admin-sections:

You can use extend Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Widget_Form and Hmx_Incopay_Block_Widget_Container

In your widget form you can add the following in the constructor:

$form = new Varien_Data_Form(array(
                                    'id' => 'edit_form',
                                    'action' => $this->getUrl('*/*/edit', array(
                                            'id' => $this->getRequest()->getParam('id')
                                    'method' => 'post',
                                    'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data'


$fieldset->addField(Mage::getStoreConfig('XXXX/input_file_name'), 'file', array(
            'name' => Mage::getStoreConfig('XXXX/input_file_name'),
            'label' => __('CSV account data'),
            'class' => 'required-entry',
            'required' => true,

Dont change the form-id and beware of some other conventions listed here http://blog.kervinramen.com/2012/10/how-magento-widget-form-container.html


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