I am trying to have multiple price options for books, for example Book A - hardcover will be $20 and softcover will be $16.00

But I want it to display the price as "$16-$20" or say "Price Varies" right now what I do is create a custom option and have a drop down, but the base price is $16 and it says "hardcover + $4.00" That I know how to do, but I want it on the category page where it says the products to show "$16-$20" or "price varies" is there such a way?


The easiest way to achieve what you're wanting would be to use Bundle Products.

Then you would create 2 simple products 1 Soft Cover and 1 Hard Cover. Combine these products within a bundle product and you will then get the Price from $16 to $20 and be able to select the choice within the product.

This guide may help further: Solving Magento: Bundle Products

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