This is a copy of my question in StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31006884/how-to-link-categories-between-storeviews-magento. I thought it would be more appropriate in the magento section.

I have created a multistore website with the following structure:


On the store1 homepage (CMS-page) I'd like to add a category-link to store2, store2-view. I have put the suggested widget link (see below), with a link to the desired category in store2.nl, but it doesn't link to the category store2.nl, it stays on store1.nl. The URL even says store1.nl<someurlcode>__store1-view instead of store2.nl<someurlcode>__store2-view

{{widget type="catalog/category_widget_link" anchor_text="Displayed Text" title="Title attribute text" template="catalog/category/widget/link/link_block.phtml" id_path="category/22"}}

I'd rather not hardcode the category-links.


It's not possible with a widget out of the box. To do this you have to add your own PHTML file (and possible block class for logic) and either

  • Emulate the store you wish to link to
  • Get the base URL for the other store with Mage::app()->getStore($storeId)->getBaseUrl(Mage_Core_Model_Store::URL_TYPE_LINK); and then paste the category path after that
  • thanks Sander, I solved it, below I put the how-to in an separate answer – DrCashew Jun 28 '15 at 11:00
  • Great! Looking forward to how you managed to solve it – Sander Mangel Jun 28 '15 at 11:12

I solved the question with the help of Sander's answer, I used Store Emulation.

This is what I did:

I copied: app/design/frontend/base/template/catalog/category/widget/link/link_inline.phtml to app/design/frontend/theme/custom_theme/template/catalog/category/widget/link/link_inline.phtml

renamed the file to: link_inline_<store_view>.phtml

and used the following code:

$appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton('core/app_emulation');

//Start environment emulation of the specified store
$initialEnvironmentInfo = $appEmulation >startEnvironmentEmulation('<store_view_id2>');
// Gets the current store's id
$idPath = explode('/', $this->_getData('id_path'));
$categoryId = $idPath[1];

            if ($categoryId) {
                /** @var $helper Mage_Catalog_Helper_Category */
                $helper = $this->_getFactory()->getHelper('catalog/category');
                $category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($categoryId);
                $cat_name = $category->getName();
                $this->_href = $helper->getCategoryUrl($category);

<span class="widget widget-category-link-inline"> <a class="level2" a href="<?php echo $this->_href; ?>"> <span><?php echo $cat_name ?></span></a></span>

//Stop environment emulation and restore original store

To get the particular link in --store1.nl.---store1-view to link to --store2.nl.---store2-view I used the following block syntax in a static block used by --store1.nl.---store1-view:

{{widget type="catalog/category_widget_link" template="catalog/category/widget/link/link_inline_<store_view2>.phtml" id_path="category/61"}}

Improvements are welcome.

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