I'm trying to import multiple product images into Magento using magmi and also add products to different category trees in the same import.

I've tried using ; to separate images under the media_gallery csv column heading and also to separate categories in the categories column heading.

I'm getting now errors when I run the import but only one image and category is being created. the second image is being totllay missed and the ';' in the category is being added as a category as a character.

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The issue here was I was renaming the images with {item.name}-{item.sku}.jpg, so both images were getting the same name and being overwritten. I just removed the image renaming from the magmi config and it worked.


You want to use double ; to separate the categories for example Cat1;;Cat2

And for the media gallery I have found setting a blank label seems to help although this shouldn't be necessary so that the format here would be URL1::;URL2::

Hope this helps.

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