I recently started monitoring the logs on my magento installation (version 1.9.1). I noticed an error recurring and strangely it originates from a core Mage class - specifically Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Category_Flat class on line 1391.

The code builds a Select object where it adds a field main_table.custom_design_apply from a table which resolves to catalog_category_flat_store_1. Now here is the problem, I tried inspecting that table and discovered that field really does not exist. The code below shows more for the construct.

$select = $this->_getReadAdapter()->select()
            array('main_table' => $this->getMainStoreTable($category->getStoreId())),
                'main_table.custom_design_apply', //<-- the strange field
        ->where('main_table.entity_id IN (?)', $pathIds)
        ->where('main_table.is_active = ?', '1')
        ->order('main_table.path ' . Varien_Db_Select::SQL_DESC);
    $result = $this->_getReadAdapter()->fetchAll($select);//here is line 1391

I am stuck between overriding the class and removing the field or add the column manually in the table. Nonetheless, why would this be. Is it a bug on Mage's side or I am not getting the whole picture.


Looks like it's dead code. I tried to search in magento for this attribute and found that at one moment exists such attribute and in one version this attribute was removed.


I think you may completely remove this row.

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