I would like to make Magento redirect the user to a specific CMS page right after s/he submits the account registration form. Something like a "thank you" page for having registered.

How to do that?

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You have the answer here:


You need create observer:


And redirect to cms or where you want


You will have to create a simple extension for this (learn how to create simple extension) where you are going to observe the customer_register_success event.

In your observer file Namespace/ModuleName/Model/observer.php

class Namespace_ModuleName_Model_Observer
public function myredirection(Varien_Event_Observer $observer) {
        $AccountController = $observer->getEvent()->getAccountController();

        $Customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer();

         $response1 = Mage::app()->getResponse(); // observers have event args

            //set any url you want
            $url = Mage::getBaseUrl().'cms-page'; //'http://www.example.com/';


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