I have 2 websites under same Magento admin: www.sajidat.com and www.tr.sajidat.com.

I need to translate the footer links and change its links when I change the store. I mean when I choose tr.sajidat.com, I want footer changed to Turkish and change its links to Turkish page. How can I do that?

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For CMS static blocks, pages and widgets:

If you want to edit non-translatable footer links or some banners text, they are mostly located among static blocks. I'll use your block as an example. "footer_links"

Go to CMS->Static blocks.

Look for Footer Links block for the required store language and click to edit.

NOTE: If you have installed a new language and want to duplicate and translate footer links for it, just click Add new block and create the block using the same Identifier (footer_links, for instance) with the required content and specify it to the new store language or store view.

Note:can manage all blocks the same way.

Modify the links the way you like and save the changes:

enter image description here


You can use the following code in phtml file to get current store URL


In CMS page

{{store url="customer/account"}}

Refer this link


In your phtml file, you can check the websiteId


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