I am trying to overwrite the controller located at: app/core/code/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php

First of all I tried just making a copy in my local code directory app/local/code/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php keeping the file exactly the same and just making it die() so I knew if it was getting executed. But this didn't work and I read somewhere that you can't simply just drop an admin controller into the local directory.

Considering this, my next option is to write a module and use the config.xml to "rewrite" the controller. Thankfully I am able to add the functionality I require to a module that I have already been working on so I don't need to create a module simply for this task. So in my config.xml I added:



                        <Mycompany_Prime before="Mage_Adminhtml">Mycompany_Prime_Adminhtml</Mycompany_Prime>


<admin/> is a direct child of <config/>.

Then I created my new controller under app/code/local/Mycompany/Prime/controllers/Adminhtml/ProductController.php with:

require_once "Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php";

class Mycompany_Prime_Adminhtml_ProductController extends Mage_Adminhtml_Catalog_ProductController {


However the class never gets executed. For that matter, neither does the script:

require_once "Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php";

class Mycompany_Prime_Adminhtml_ProductController extends Mage_Adminhtml_Catalog_ProductController {

Any help on overwriting this admin controller would be appreciated. I am using Magento version 1.6

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Your controller should be placed in the file app/code/local/Mycompany/Prime/controllers/Adminhtml/Catalog/ProductController.php instead of app/code/local/Mycompany/Prime/controllers/Adminhtml/ProductController.php.

Change the class name accordingly also.


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