I have different currencies in Magento store and I want to display separate Minimum Order value message in respective currency

Eg: I have Base currency as dollar. In System > Sales I have set minimum Order Amount 1000 and display message as THE MINIMUM VALUE ALLOWED FOR PURCHASE IS $ 1000

Now in Display Currency INR option I want the minimum order amount to be 64000 and Display Message THE MINIMUM VALUE ALLOWED FOR PURCHASE IS ₹ 64000

Can someone guide on this?


Magento is validate this Minimum Order value at

Mage_Sales_Model_Quote class on function validateMinimumAmount()


Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Address class on function validateMinimumAmount()

  • For your requirement you need override those two classes
  • Create Different different minimum price using create new option to system.xml On this custom setting you need change the logic.

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