When I try to edit customer password through admin - customers magento is giving me error- Invalid transactional email code:

No email template was added or changed on the website.


Most likely a transactional email template in the admin was deleted, or a setting somehow was lost. I've seen it happen.

To fix it, you should just need to reset the value for the customer password change email.

  1. Go to: Admin > System > Configuration > Customer Configuration
  2. Open the Password Options section.
  3. Make sure both template settings there have valid templates selected.
  4. Save.

That should do it. If not, could be related to site customizations. That's more involved to troubleshoot.

  • The site use default magenta templates only. i choose them again and saved. But the error keep coming. – alexy456 Jun 16 '15 at 2:12

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