I'm trying to combine the billing and shipping addresses into just one option on the one page checkout. Using a modified rwd theme and am looking for some direction on how to implement this. Anyone have any ideas?

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Copy app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/Block/Onepage/Abstract.php to local code pool. Find the following method _getStepCodes. And remove 'shipping' from return result

protected function _getStepCodes()
    return array('login', 'billing', 'shipping_method', 'payment', 'review');

Copy skin/frontend/base/default/js/opcheckout.js from base/default theme to your current theme for example rwd/default. Find the following line:

this.steps = ['login', 'billing', 'shipping', 'shipping_method', 'payment', 'review'];

and remove 'shipping' item from array:

this.steps = ['login', 'billing', 'shipping_method', 'payment', 'review'];

Also you need update controller app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/controllers/OnepageController.php. You can override controller in your custom module or edit OnepageController.php directly. Find the method saveBillingAction and remove or comment following lines:

$result['allow_sections'] = array('shipping');
$result['duplicateBillingInfo'] = 'true';

Copy app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/Block/Onepage/Shipping.php to local code pool. Find the isShow and replace with:

public function isShow()
    return false;

Copy app/design/frontend/base/default/template/checkout/onepage/billing.phtml from base/default theme to your current theme, for example rwd/default. Or if you use persistent shopping cart the do it for app/design/frontend/base/default/template/persistent/checkout/onepage/billing.phtml.

Find the following section...

<?php if ($this->canShip()): ?>
    <li class="control">
        <input type="radio" name="billing[use_for_shipping]" id="billing:use_for_shipping_yes" value="1"<?php if ($this->isUseBillingAddressForShipping()) {?> checked="checked"<?php }?> title="<?php echo  $this->__('Ship to this address') ?>" onclick="$('shipping:same_as_billing').checked = true;" class="radio" /><label for="billing:use_for_shipping_yes"><?php echo  $this->__('Ship to this address') ?></label></li>
    <li class="control">
        <input type="radio" name="billing[use_for_shipping]" id="billing:use_for_shipping_no" value="0"<?php if (!$this->isUseBillingAddressForShipping()) {?> checked="checked"<?php }?> title="<?php echo $this->__('Ship to different address') ?>" onclick="$('shipping:same_as_billing').checked = false;" class="radio" /><label for="billing:use_for_shipping_no"><?php echo $this->__('Ship to different address') ?></label>
<?php endif; ?>

...and remove it. Find the following section...

<?php if (!$this->canShip()): ?>
    <input type="hidden" name="billing[use_for_shipping]" value="1" />
<?php endif; ?>

...and just remove if condition

<input type="hidden" name="billing[use_for_shipping]" value="1" />

As a result you have combined address step which will be using as billing and shipping.

  • Yes , it works . i try shipping and billing address in one page . this help me on it . Thanks Commented Feb 8, 2016 at 8:37

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