i am using magento 1.9, i add images in the product sheet by magmi through urls of external site. they works fine, but i want to upload more products photo in the product that have more than 10 photos. so there is no media_gallery row in product csv file. I learn the techniques of magmi product import but doesn't know the meaning of: sku,media_gallery 00001,/image1.jpg;/image2.jpg. how to use it. So please help me to understand it.

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The pattern for the media_gallery CSV field is:

a) start each gallery image with + or - (+ means include in gallery, - means exclude from gallery)

b) write the image filename first followed by the image label separated by :: eg /myImage.jpg::label for myImage

c) separate each gallery image with ;

So for one image:

sku, media_gallery
00001, +/myImage.jpg::label for my image;

And for two images

sku, media_gallery
00001, +/myImage.jpg::label for my image;+/myImage2.jpg::label for my image2;

And so on. I think you can replace the image file name with your external URL to the images but I have not tried that.

Additonal Edit following new questions below

a) Put the CSV file in the CSV folder which is normally var/import/

b) Regarding the errors, please double check your domains. This domain http://textileexport.in/admintextileexport/files/thIMG-20150317-WA0009_gyt9shk1.jpg returns 404.

c) If the other domains are correct, try adding a / after the + sign because I am not sure if you need that or not. So try:

sku, media_gallery
00001, +/http://example.com/myImage.jpg::label for my image;+/http://example.com/myImage2.jpg::label for my image2;

If you are still having problems please put here a few lines from your CSV file so we can review its syntax.

  • Thanks but let me know where to put it. Filesystem Path to magento directory: or in CSVs base directory. – Mohammed Saquib Qureshi Jun 13 '15 at 16:47
  • There is also an error occur while running magmi with profile: – Mohammed Saquib Qureshi Jun 13 '15 at 17:08

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