Appologies but new to PHP...

Need to pass a value for 'state' to payment gateway which can be any string for non USA customers but must be two character code for USA (based on drop down list).

'State'=> $billingaddress->getData('region'),

'State'=> $billingaddress->getData('region_id'),

are the two variable.

Not sure of the if else syntax for setting 'state' as 'region_id' if country is USA and 'region' for all other countries. Thanks

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You can try something like this, notice that I added a call to isRegionTwoCharFormat() which you would have to implement, so the sintax could be like this:

if(isRegionTwoCharFormat($billingaddress->getData('region'))) {
    $state = 'US';
} else {
    $state = 'SomethingElse';

Or you can also use ternary operator:

$state = isRegionTwoCharFormat($billingaddress->getData('region')) ? 'US' : 'SomethingElse';

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