Is there any plan to introduce a rounding function in Magento that caters for rounding to either the nearest 10 cents or, even better, nearest 5 cents? In Switzerland, all prices are inclusive of tax and rounded to the nearest 5 cents as this is the smallest coin in the Swiss currency. 12.72 becomes 12.70 and 12.73 becomes 12.75, etc. I did find, and buy, a solution from an Italian company. It allows rounding to 1 digit but then 12.72 becomes 12.7 whereas I want to display 12.70.

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You can try "Magento 5-Rappen-Rundung for Swiss Magento Merchants" extension: https://github.com/openstream/Magento5CentRounding


There are some discussions regarding price rounding for Magento 2.


It would be great for some type of customization to be allowed here, as it can really cause difficulties for brick and mortar stores to adjust their long-standing pricing model to Magento (think component pricing by the square inch) as well as many currencies that don't adopt a strict 2 decimal place rounding scheme.

This feature would be a good step towards Magento being Unbound. =)

I highly doubt there are going to be any new features for rounding in the 1.x series.


Try this, I successfully implement a simple workaround on magento 1.9.2:

Copy app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/store.php

to app/code/local/Mage/Core/Model/store.php

Edit the new copied file on function roundPrice($price){}:

replace return round ($ price, 2);

with return round($price * 2, 1)/2;

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