At the product specific management page ("Catalog > Manage product > any product") you see the "image"tab. Please click on it.

At the left sidebar you can see: Choose store view "Default values". When you click on the dropdown menu, and choose for example "Webshop_A". Then you'll see a table with the images inside the cells. You also see a checkbox at the following columns:

  • Base Image
  • Small Image
  • Thumbnail

The admin has the ability to choose an image or to use the default value by unchecking or checking the checkboxes in the column.

I would like to uncheck the checkbox at "Use Default Value", and to check them at a specific image. Obviously, you can do that by using the checkboxes in the table. You can do it like the screenshot below:

enter image description here

I would like to do this not through the backend, but through phpmyadmin. I took a look at a table:


But this table does not cater the checkbox settings.

Does anyone have the right know-how to do this?

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The checkbox is checked when you have a value for a specific attribute (image for example) only for the store with the id 0 (default store).
So if you insert a line in the table catalog_product_entity_varchar for a product but with a different store id than 0, the checkbox will be automatically unchecked.

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