I'm passing a url string variable from a controller to a phtml file where i'd like to then display it as a hyperlink.

unfortunately, magento seems to prefix the variable data with the controller's url.

so a variable that's passed like this www.something.com is converted to www.mydomain.com/my_controller/www.something.com when calling this in the phtml to create a hyperlink.

 <?php echo "<a href='" . $this->myVar . "'>html link in php</a><p>";?>

if i make a simple call this, it displays the text correctly:

 <?php echo $this->myVar?>

i've tried calling this to strip the added url:

$newURL = str_replace("www.mydomain.com/my_controller/", "", $this->myVar, $count);

but php doesn't seem to find the substring and count = 0.

seems like magento is adding the controller's url automatically, which is not what i need.

this is how i'm rendering the page.


    $block = $this->getLayout()->createBlock(
        array('template' => 'NamespaceName_ModuleName/links.phtml')
    ->setData('var', 'www.something.com');


Any ideas?


This is URL 101. You have not specified http:// in front of the link, so the browser tries to append it to the current location.

  • html 101...figured it was something beyond simple. in my defense, i'm not a web guy. thanks for being gentle! – user3348950 Jun 3 '15 at 1:50

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