I used the following project and created a custom report: https://github.com/technodelight/magento_custom_reports_example

I changed stuff in the report. mainly there is another table joined to the data and the csv-export is customized.

So now I have the report at https://shop.tld/index.php/admin/admin/my_reports/index/

I now want another report that just changes the table joined to the data and the csv export. So I need to change \code\local\My\Reports\Model\Mysql4\Report\Collection.php and \code\local\My\Reports\controllers\Adminhtml\My\ReportsController.php I want to crate two new classes and inherit from the existing two.

What I don't know is how I have to name my classes and add them to the adminhtml.xml, so it is visible at a new menu point.

It should be available at https://shop.tld/index.php/admin/admin/my_reports/[something]/ or https://shop.tld/index.php/admin/admin/[something]/index/

The adminhtml is now

                    <my_reports translate="title">
                        <title>My Custom Report</title>

I can add another part like:

                    <my_report_two translate="title">
                        <title>Another Report</title>

And it will open the url https://shop.tld/index.php/admin/admin/my_report_two/index/

But there is just a 404 error, obviously.

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Whenever you create a controller, every dash would mean a subdirectory down. So if the adminhtml/my_reports points to My/ReportsController.php , adminhtml/my_report_two will point to My/Report/TwoController.php. If this won't work, it means another thing isn't configured well.

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