I am facing an issue while creating an Credit memo for a order. I am getting error as "Argument 'Invoice number' not set!".

This order has been placed through PayPal.

Please help to fix this issue.

  • Please provide some code, so we can help. Do you have error logs? – Tim Hallman Jun 1 '15 at 12:13
  • See this screenshot: puu.sh/i86Ee/4de87b57a1.png. I don't see this in exeception log. – Vick Jun 1 '15 at 12:53

I solved this issue by adding the below code on salesOrderCreditMemoCreate function in Observer.php of klarnacheckout module.

$order = $observer->getEvent()->getCreditmemo()->getOrder();

            $payment = $order->getPayment();

            $method = $payment->getMethod();
               $supportedMethods = array(
            if (!in_array($method, $supportedMethods)) {
                return $this;

Add this code just after this line:

$items = $observer->getEvent()->getCreditmemo()->getAllItems();
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I had this exact same error message. The only place i could find a reference to the message was in <magento root>/lib/Klarna/Exception.php in the class Klarna_ArgumentNotSetException. This exception is thrown when the creditInvoice function in <magento root>/lib/Klarna/Klarna.php is called with an empty $invNo.

The source of the problem in my case was the module Vikingweb/Klarnacheckout which runs the salesOrderCreditMemoCreate function on the sales_order_creditmemo_save_after event. In my version of the module this function does not seem to check if the correct payment method was used so it was run for every payment method – which resulted in the $klarnaInvoiceId to be empty and the exception to be thrown. I solved the problem by disabling the module, as it was not in use anymore.

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